Bella – A Story of Commitment

When Bella was only 12, she was tricked into leaving her home to work as a house cleaner for a woman who ended up beating her and trafficking her for sex. After years of abuse, Bella was rescued by a partner organization and eventually came to AIM where she witnessed Christ’s love and began to recognize her value.

Bella stayed at AIM Restoration Home for the next few years. She put her faith in Christ, and quickly realized she wanted to commit her life to rescue others in Siem Reap. Now, Bella offers exploited women the same freedom she once received by working as an AIM Social Worker.

Over the years, her commitment to defeating sex trafficking has drawn many girls out of the brothels.

Bella is now married with a wonderful daughter, and continues to use her story to bring freedom and empowerment to the voiceless!

Bella’s commitment to end sex trafficking mirrors that of everyone here at AIM. We want to invite you to bring lasting change to Cambodia through your commitment, too.

To support women like Bella who have yet to be rescued or are currently going through our restoration and reintegration programs, you can join our monthly donor community, The Village. Learn more about how you can be a part of lasting change today!

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