Humanitarian Aid

Cambodia has experienced tremendous growth in its economy over the last 20 years, but it is still near the bottom of the human development index in terms of per capita income. Impoverished families that face a sudden illness, disaster, or shortage of funds can quickly find themselves struggling to provide for their children. A story that we hear time and time again is that some will sell their daughters’ virginity, which in many cases will earn them up to 20 times an average weekly wage. Others may send their daughters to work as “housekeepers” or in “restaurants” where the girls then find themselves being trafficked.

AIM is eliminating some of the motivations for child sex trafficking by providing:

Humanitarian Aid – Food, mosquito nets, medical and dental care, clothing, blankets, and more.

Community Development – Village wells, ponds, and roads.

Disaster Relief – Home reconstruction, emergency food supplies, and other needs.

Every bag of rice and mosquito net given, every illness treated has the potential to prevent a girl from being sold. Through these services and efforts, AIM is bringing hope to the people and country of Cambodia, hope to today, hope for the future.