At all costs.

49.6 million people are currently sold into trafficking, but there is hope.

We know this problem is overwhelming, so here is what you need to know:

  • Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.  
  • There are three main types of trafficking in adults and children: Sex Trafficking, Marriage Trafficking, and Labor Trafficking.
  • Today, there are almost 50 million people living in modern-day slavery, 6.3 million who are victims of forced sexual exploitation.
  • It is estimated that the human trafficking industry generates $150 billion every year. 
  • 1 in 4 trafficking victims are children and 21% of sex trafficking victims are also children.
  • 22% of trafficking victims are female, and more specifically, represent 77% of victims trafficked and exploited in the commercial sex industry.

*Information taken from ILO 2022 Global Estimates of Modern Slavery

We had no idea the extent of this issue when we first heard about this. But learning that children were being sold for sex every night stoked a fire in us to do whatever it takes to end this evil.

It wasn’t until we were on the ground working with survivors that we learned the solution: Rescue, Healing, Empowerment, and Protection.

What We Learned: The Solution

Rescue trafficking survivors



Young girls are being sold 9 times a night to pedophiles. One girl is too many, one day is too long.

That’s why our SWAT Team works with local police to get them out as soon as possible and arrest their traffickers so they can’t harm anyone else ever again.

Rescue Trafficking Survivors



“Healing means you accepted the nightmare but you don’t let it define who you truly are and who you will become.”
-Reaksmey, Survivor & Abolitionist

Through relentless, unconditional love, survivors find true healing.

Rescue Trafficking Survivors



Survivors often have little schooling or training, so we provide safe jobs to ensure they’re never exploited again.

Many grow up to be abolitionists and work with us to rescue others and protect kids from trafficking.



The demand for purchased sex must be confronted. Community aid, education, and teaching the value of women and children to those who fuel the industry are essential to protecting the vulnerable and defeating this evil.

We Have To Act

At AIM, we have rescued 1,600 survivors and protected over 10,000 vulnerable men, women, and children from trafficking. However, we never would have started if someone didn’t tell us and raised awareness.

Our founders learned about this issue and made the decision to do something.

Now it’s you’re turn to do something.

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