This Giving Tuesday, we can bring rescue and healing to 20 new survivors of sex trafficking! Help us fill the house so these girls can experience the relentless love of Christ.

Rescue is just the beginning…

We stick with survivors through their entire journey, because we know that true freedom comes from empowerment and the healing love of Christ.

At AIM, that means providing aftercare for those we rescue in the form of transitional or restoration homes. Next year, we are opening a new transitional home that will allow us to take in and care for 20 new survivors, but we need your help!

“In the beginning I didn’t really believe in Jesus. In AIM’s Restoration Home, I started to understand that God was the creator and then I started to pray. I felt God’s love through prayer.”

Sreymom*, Survivor of Trafficking at AIM Restoration Home

Walking with Survivors…

Once a woman or child is rescued, they are in need of relentless love, care, and healing. That’s what AIM’s approach is all about. We are opening a new transitional home that will create 20 new opportunities for healing, growth, and love.

Together, we will do whatever it takes to ensure survivors are taken care of. With your support, AIM will walk with them, no matter how long their journey is. Every survivor rescued by our SWAT team will receive healing, community, love, and more!


Donations fund our general operations to do whatever it takes to rescue and free women from trafficking. Sign in to your donor portal here.

AIM Rescue
What does it take to Fill the House?
  • 3,000 = Investigation, rescue, legal fees for prosecuting tracker and bringing justice for survivor
  • 15,000 = Restorative Housing for 1 year
  • 5,000 = Safe Employment for 1 year
  • 23,000 = Per Survivor

So far, with the help of people like you, AIM has:
  • Rescued 1,500+ survivors from trafficking
  • Arrested 350+ traffickers
  • Rescued victims from 9 different countries
  • Ensured that 99% of survivors working with AIM were never trafficked again!

We can’t do this without your support!

*A pseudonym is being used to protect the identity and privacy of this survivor. 

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