Relentless love changes everything

While rescue may be the first step to freedom, healing is necessary for survivors to truly thrive. Spiritual, emotional, and sometimes physical healing is provided to survivors through our various housing options and partnerships. When a woman or girl is rescued, these options are presented and we assist them in making the arrangements needed. No matter what, our social workers and aftercare team are available to them.

Rescued girls move into our Restoration Home in Cambodia where they are loved, valued, and equipped for a new life of freedom. Girls receive vocational training, counseling, housing, education, and more throughout their stay.

AIM’s transitional homes provide older survivors with love and care in a temporary housing program, while helping them reintegrate back into society with a safe and sustainable job.

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We all have a role to play
Relentless love changes everything! At AIM, survivor’s of trafficking experience this love through our staff. You can be a part of this healing that is transforming lives.
Rescue is where freedom begins! AIM SWAT works with local police to rescue girls and arrest traffickers. You can be a part of the transformation process that starts at rescue!
We all have a role to play