Together, we can end child sex trafficking.

Agape International Missions (AIM) is doing whatever it takes to bring freedom to survivors of sex trafficking.

40.3 million people are estimated to be living in modern day slavery worldwide.

International Labor Organization

Freedom. At All Costs.

Young girls old are being sold for sex every night.

This is absolutely unacceptable, so we relentlessly rescue, heal, and empower survivors to be free.



Shop with a purpose

Agape International Missions Apparel

AIM Apparel products are made by survivors of trafficking at our AIM Employment Center.

Purchase a handcrafted shirt, bag, or accessory to protect survivors from being trafficked again.

Create custom apparel for your business, small group, sports league or side hustle. AIM Custom has got you covered.

AIM Custom apparel is ethically made by women protected from trafficking and 100% of profits fight human trafficking.

Purchasing an Anthem cuff or necklace protects a survivor from being trafficked again by giving them a living income and safe employment.

Each handcrafted cuff is inscribed with the name of the survivor who made it and her rescue date.

Wear this cuff as a reminder that a woman is now free, loved, and protected because of you!

Ready to join the fight?

We know where exploited girls are, how to get them out, and what it takes for them to be free. But we can’t do it alone.