Announcing a New Kid’s Club Partnership in Siem Reap!

Announcing a New Kid’s Club Partnership in Siem Reap!

AIM is excited to announce that we now manage the Lotus Kid’s Club (LKC) program in Siem Reap in partnership with Senhoa Foundation! Lotus Kid’s Club is a grassroots project dedicated to supporting street-working children, their families and the community in which they live through education, basic healthcare, and community-building initiatives.

Currently, 106 children are a part of this early-intervention program that is designed to keep kids safe and out of the hands of traffickers. AIM now manages the Lotus Kid’s Club by providing staff, training and curriculum for the program. Dary and Ratanak, the amazing couple who have served as a Social Worker and Youth Pastor respectively in Svay Pak, have relocated to Siem Reap to take on this new and exciting program. They have invested tremendously into the lives of so many people in Svay Pak and we’re excited to see God use them in this new capacity as well.

Since 2010, Senhoa Foundation has established projects that address the prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of human trafficking and those vulnerable to sexual exploitation. The heart behind their programs is much the same as AIM’s, and we share a lot of synergy in the work we each do. We are excited to come alongside them in Siem Reap to serve children and their families in that community.

About Lotus Kid’s Club

LKC was started by Senhoa Foundation in 2010. The program promotes education and positive social engagements as the keys to lifting families out of poverty, and therefore reducing the potential for children to be trafficked. Program activities include:

  • Preschool Program: early childhood development to prepare children for entry into primary school
  • Scholarship Program: educational scholarships for primary school children, English lessons, after-school tutoring and extra-curricular activities
  • Family Development: a ‘whole family’ approach to achieve real and sustainable change for individuals and their community
  • Community development: initiatives to promote positive community-building activities

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