every child deserves a childhood

What if we could stop trafficking before it starts? Through our prevention programs, our team is working to end the cycle of exploitation by confronting demand and protecting the vulnerable. As the love of Christ penetrates a community, it is changed from one full of darkness to one that is full of hope and light!

Our school’s mission is to protect at-risk children from being trafficked while providing them with quality education.

Lotus Kid’s Club provides at-risk kids with a safe place to learn, play, and thrive in a loving community.

Our goal is for the church to spread the love of Christ throughout the community. This love has led to traffickers shutting down their brothels, the rescues of multiple children thanks to church member intel, and the protection for at-risk kids through humanitarian aid.

The Lord’s Gym in Svay Pak is focused on transforming the hearts of former traffickers, drug dealers, and susceptible youth. Through training, mentorship, and spiritual discipleship, these men become protectors in their community.

Emergency Family Care shows Christ’s love to children and families who are facing extreme poverty, abandonment or abuse, and are most at risk of sex trafficking because of their need and vulnerability. Through EFC, AIM provides safe housing and care for children in cases of abandonment or neglect.

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