Screen The Pink Room

Want to see The Pink Room? You have three options…


1. See if there’s a screening near you. 

Screening’s are listed HERE.

2. Ask your pastor, teacher, or business to set up a screening.

Send them the email that’s BELOW.

3. Set one up yourself.

Request a screening in your community! CLICK HERE.



(copy and paste this to your email and put his/her name and yours in the open spaces)


Dear ____,

I believe we can make a difference in an unthinkable injustice.

I heard about The Pink Room Documentary and believe it would be an excellent tool for our community. It not only explains the complex and heartbreaking reality of sex trafficking, it shows the hope of rescued girls that have been restored.

Here is a link to the trailer of the film:

Here is a request form for screenings:

The film has won over 12 awards and thousands of people have already screened it internationally. For more information on the film and the organization it focuses on, visit

Thank you for your time,