We’re opening two new restoration homes for survivors to find healing! AIM SWAT is on the move in the rural villages of Cambodia.

Check out this update from our CEO, Clayton Butler, as he shares what we can do beyond Svay Pak together…

The expansion is already underway! Watch the videos below to learn about each project and how YOU can get involved…

Monea and Leakena, our co-directors of Restoration, join us from the site that will become AIM Restoration Home II to share what they are hoping for and what we can be praying for as this project gains momentum.

We have seen hearts transformed at AIM Restoration Home in Cambodia. Now, we’re making freedom and healing possible in Belize. Watch this video to see new footage of ARH Belize, the first aftercare facility in the country for survivors of trafficking under 18.

AIM SWAT has worked diligently alongside the Cambodian police to investigate brothels, arrest traffickers, and rescue survivors. We’re expanding our fine-tuned model to work in the rural parts of Cambodia, stopping the offenders in source communities.

Join us as we expand our capacity for rescue and restoration!

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