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How to stop human trafficking

This easy-to-use worksheet will help you brainstorm all of the ways you can use your gifts in the fight against trafficking. This is a great way to start your journey!

How to stop human trafficking

In a simple PDF, all of the information given on this page has been provided for your convenience to share with friends, family, and those interested in the fight.

Raising awareness is a great first step. You can’t fight trafficking if you don’t know it exists. Share the graphics above with your friends so they can join the fight with you!

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Awareness Matters

It takes all of us, doing whatever we can, to defeat this evil. The first step is to raise awareness. None of the work AIM has done the last 15 years would have happened if someone didn’t tell us that young girls were being sold for sex every night.

We need your help! By sharing about AIM and the issue of sex trafficking, we can shed a light on this issue and bring others into the fight. Download the digital kit below to share with your friends, and be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #AIMforfreedom!

Digital Freedom Kit

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I love their mission and values and the tremendous impact they’ve had in the community fighting against this awful epidemic. They fight for the futures and identities of these children and give them what they could only dream of – freedom. And all in the name and love of Jesus! They are relentless and I want to support them so they have that much less to think about!