Agape International Missions The Village

Join The Village, our monthly donor community on a mission to end the evil of child sex trafficking.

It only takes $84/month to rescue a girl from sex trafficking every year.

Agape International Missions The Village

Join The Village, our monthly donor community on a mission to end child sex trafficking.

It only takes $84/month to rescue a girl from sex trafficking every year.

Young girls are being sold for sex every night, but we can change that

The Village is a community of passionate abolitionists who believe that every child is worth fighting for and are determined to see them rescued. We are everyday people who are changing the world by giving whatever we can to bring freedom to the enslaved and protect the vulnerable.

Rescue trafficking survivors



Young girls are being sold for sex every night.

Your monthly gift means we can rescue them as soon as possible.

Rescue Trafficking Survivors



Your enduring commitment 
to relentless love is what heals girls lives.

We never give up on these women because every life is worth fighting for.

Rescue Trafficking Survivors



Your gift is multiplied.

Survivors we rescue grow up to be abolitionists, and work with us to rescue others and protect kids from trafficking.

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It takes all of us doing whatever we can. Through your monthly donation of any amount, you join The Village. We need you.

We can’t wait for you to celebrate their freedom with us!

Donations fund our general operations to do whatever it takes to rescue and free women from trafficking.

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Survivor Turned Abolitionist

When Bella was 12, she was tricked into leaving her home to work as a house cleaner for a woman who ended up beating her and trafficking her for sex.

After years of abuse, she was rescued by a partner organization and came to AIM where she witnessed unconditional love and recognized her value.

Bella stayed in our Restoration Home for the next few years. She is now on AIM staff as an outreach social worker in Siem Reap. Bella offers exploited women the same freedom she once received.

She is now married with a wonderful daughter and continues to use her story to bring freedom and empowerment to the voiceless! Her transformation was possible because of the support of our committed donors.

Rescue Trafficked Children

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Rescue Trafficked Children

Rescue Trafficking Survivors
Rescue Trafficked Children

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Whatever It Takes

These are the people who join the village, the people willing to get their hands dirty and rescue trafficked children.

Cristen Richard

I love their mission and values and the tremendous impact they’ve had in the community fighting against this awful epidemic. They fight for the futures and identities of these children and give them what they could only dream of – freedom. And all in the name and love of Jesus! They are relentless and I want to support them so they have that much less to think about!

– Cristen Richard
Janelle Beyer

No one deserves to be exploited in that manner. God calls us to defend the defenseless and the oppressed.

– Janelle Beyer
Caleb Dawson

My passion to join the fight started when I watched the Nefarious film. I could no longer live in ignorance to the horrors of modern-day slavery and so had to act. I so admire the work that AIM does and want to do what I can to ensure their work continues to grow and impact and transform as many lives as possible – physically and spiritually.

– Caleb Dawson
Peter Wilson

We decided to join the fight against sex trafficking with AIM ever since I had the privilege of hearing AIM’s very own co-founder and pioneer Don Brewster speak at our church several years ago. I was still quite unawares of what was happening in the battle against sexual and human slavery around the world and it was difficult not to be disturbed and motivated to do something about it.

– Peter Wilson
Landry Jung

When I learned that there were children and adults being stripped of their dignity, God planted a passion in my heart to rescue & love those being trafficked. I didn’t know where to start, so I began with prayer. Then I educated myself. It was then that I learned about AIM through the documentary “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”. After that, I started following AIM on social media and realized my next step in the fight against sex trafficking was to give financial support. I love the mission of AIM and enjoy following along with the work that they’re doing.

– Landry Jung
Marco Jorge

My heart ached hearing Don share at a private dinner in 2013. Wondering what I could do, I managed to get my company (Groupon) at the time to send an email to 2.5 million folks in Hong Kong, with a deal titled “buy freedom”.

– Marco Jorge
Alisha Little

After watching a news story and attending a presentation by AIM at our church, we were horrified to learn of the human trafficking taking place. We weren’t trained to go rescue those girls or to locate and arrest the men hurting them, but we could certainly contribute to those who were trained. How could we understand what was happening to those innocent children and just shake our heads and do nothing? We’ve been AIM supporters for several years now, and we are very happy to see that the issue is becoming more widely recognized.

– Alisha Little
Jesca Aderland

After watching the Nefarious documentary, it just opened my eyes. It is just so heart breaking to see that most of parents in Cambodia decided to “sell” their own children. For that reason, It’s my goal in life to fight for human trafficking. Let’s do this together!

– Jesca Aderland
Nate Hilpert

Watched nefarious and felt God say “donate to AIM”… I am someone who is in recovery for an addiction to porn and part of my hope in attaining freedom is not just to be personally free, but become a weapon for God to bring freedom to others… Thank you for letting me take part!!

– Nate Hilpert

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