Voice of Freedom: Human Trafficking Awareness Month Week 3


It’s a simple word but the journey to get there is often quite the opposite. Those with it can take freedom for granted but those striving for freedom know its true valueFreedom in Christ holds tremendous value, too. But, with freedom comes responsibility. 

Caring for orphans and widows in their distress and helping the hurting aren’t just callings, they’re commands for all believers. People set free by Jesus have a mandate to bring freedom to others.

One person can make a difference. One person does make a difference. One person is making a difference.

MienMien, like Toha and Leakknows freedom’s value. These 3 young women sought freedom, experienced freedom, and they’ve elected to bring freedom to others. So can you! 

Having been set free herself, Mien now shares her story so that others might experience the same freedom. You might recognize her from The Pink Room Documentary. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it HERE


Mien grew up in a family with an alcoholic father who often beat her mother and the kids and spent what little money they had on gambling and drinking“I couldn’t stand for my mother to cry anymore and there was nothing else I had, so I sold myself into a brothel,” Mien shares.

She was only 14.

After just a few days of being locked in a room, she was brutally raped. That began her life in the brothel. 6 long years…

At the age of 20, with very little hope left, a raid of the brothel where Mien was trafficked brought her freedom. As she was rescued, aftercare was offered, and that’s when Mien came to AIM and our Restoration Home.

“It is different, ARC [AIM Restoration Home] is good in every way. They teach you how to think positive, to read and write. They teach me how to honor and respect my elders. I never did that before…”

Mien 1For most of us, what Mien and girls like her have been through is beyond our comprehension. But we don’t have to imagine it to prevent it, to rescue others from it, to restore lives to freedom or to reintegrate those who have embraced freedom.

Today, Mien has been successfully re-integrated back into Svay Pak where she continues to work at AIM Employment Center. Mien is married with a toddler and now shares her story so that she might bring freedom to others“I tell kids, ‘Choose a good way; do not choose the way I chose.'”

This Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we challenge you to use your voice to bring freedom to others. Start with your Freedom Mandate (check out the video below!).

We’re asking you to do 3 simple things this January:

1) Give monthly (any amount makes a difference!).

2) Ask your church to accept their Freedom Mandate.

3) Share your Freedom Mandate.

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