2023 Q2 SWAT Update

2023 is continuing with rescue for AIM SWAT and local police! The team is hard at work investigating potential instances of trafficking, rescuing victims, and arresting traffickers so that no further harm can be done. In addition, AIM SWAT’s Legal Team is supporting survivors throughout court proceedings so that they can find justice!

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April 5th

AIM Social Worker connects with Survivor after the raid.

During the evening of April 5th, AIM SWAT assisted local police in raiding a brothel fronting as a massage parlor in southern Phnom Penh. After covert surveillance, the team had reason to suspect minors were being sold at the location. During the raid, 1 minor and 3 adults were rescued! 1 suspect was detained.

The survivors were interviewed by police, where they confirmed that they were – in fact – sold to customers to the profit of the suspect. The suspect admitted to their part in the crime and was subsequently charged with child sex trafficking-related offenses.

The minor was taken to AIM’s Restoration Home for care and support through her healing journey. The adults were transferred to the local district social affairs office and AIM social workers will be available to them for support. AIM’s Legal Team will represent all survivors in upcoming court proceedings

May 15th

AIM SWAT and local police rescued eleven on May 15th! The raid occurred at a KTV and restaurant in the Kampong Thom province in central Cambodia. Covert surveillance done by AIM SWAT and police indicated that minors were being sold at the location.

Location of the Raid

During the raid, 4 minors and 7 adults were rescued. The location was officially closed by local authorities and one suspect – the owner and manager of the KTV – was detained.

Police interviewed the survivors and confirmed that they were being sold to customers for the suspect’s profit. The suspect made a partial admission and was subsequently charged with the relevant offenses. They will await trial from prison.

The 4 minors are now being cared for at AIM’s Restoration Home. The adults received services from the district social affairs office. AIM’s social workers will be available to them as they begin the process of healing. ALL survivors were offered free legal representation by AIM’s Legal Team for the upcoming court proceedings.

May 22nd

An INCREDIBLE victory was celebrated on May 22nd as 15 women and 3 girls were rescued in a rural province southeast of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. AIM SWAT and Local Police received information that women and girls were being sold for sex on the premises. Upon conducting a raid of the location, 3 suspects – the owners and manager – were detained.

During interviews with police, the survivors explained that they were forced to have sex with customers to the profit of the suspects. The minors have been taken to AIM’s Restoration Home where they will receive love and care from AIM’s staff. The adults were taken to the local district affairs office. AIM’s social workers will be available to them if they need additional support. ALL the survivors will be offered free legal representation from AIM’s Legal Team.

June 6th

Rescued survivors relaxing together at police station.

On the evening of Tuesday, June 6th, 2 adults and 2 minors were rescued from a brothel by AIM SWAT and local police! A short-term surveillance operation lead officers to the brothel, which was fronting as a massage parlor, where they confirmed that the 4 survivors were being sold for sex to customers of the business.

Following a search and seizure of the premise, 1 suspect admitted fully to child sex trafficking charges and was placed under arrest until they face trial.

The survivors were all immediately taken to safety, with the rescued minors transferring to AIM Restoration Home and the rescued adults to a partner aftercare center. The AIM Legal Team will represent all survivors and their families in the coming trial.

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Thanks to our incredible partners at Life Outreach International and modern-day abolitionists like YOU, we get to rescue these women and children from the unimaginable. Together, we are ending the evil of human trafficking. One life at a time!

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