AIM Church Responds to Phnom Penh Fire

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In early July, a fire broke out in Phnom Penh. In a matter of moments, one complete side of the street was destroyed. The total came out to 65 homes lost in the fire. That’s 65 families that lost everything they owned; 65 families left to sleep on the street and 65 families left to figure out how they were going to survive.

The tendency for churches made up of those living in extreme poverty is to look to affluent churches to fill the need.

But in Svay Pak, a small poor AIM church is discovering the gift and blessing of giving. The Sunday following the fire Pastor Chantha shared the need with the church. He asked the church body to pray for these 65 families, and more; he encouraged them not to stop there. He challenged them to sacrifice, to give to those in need. He then took a second offering. This congregation, living in abject poverty, gave a staggering $101. One woman, a widow, like the one in Luke 21, gave all of the money that she had. Every. Single. Cent. Another church member invited the widow to eat with their family. The sacrifice and generosity just continued to multiply.

The impact doesn’t stop there though.

“We are so proud of our little community in Svay Pak. They heard God’s command to ‘go and serve’ and they did just that!” -Don Brewster

Our AIM Employment Center donated clothing for each of the 65 families. The health clinic team offered first aid. And the $101 collected from the church, paired with AIM humanitarian aid funds, provided for the purchase of 10 kilos of rice for each family, in addition to personal necessities.

We are so proud of our little community in Svay Pak. They heard God’s command to “go and serve” and they did just that!

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