AIM SWAT Arrests 2 China Bride Traffickers in an Eastern Cambodia Province

Over the course of two days on November 15th and 16th, Phnom Penh Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection (AHTJP) Police, along with AIM SWAT Officers, swooped in to arrest 2 women suspected of trafficking young Cambodian women to China for marriage.

The investigation was initiated by 2 victims who had managed to escape their situation in China and had been repatriated back to Cambodia. Following the information that was given during their interview, the Police asked AIM SWAT to assist in further investigation of the case. AIM SWAT Officers traveled together with AHTJP Police Officers to Kratie Province, close to 100 miles northeast of Phnom Penh, where the suspects were identified and arrested at separate locations over the 2 days.

During interviews with Police, each of the suspects made partial admissions of their crimes. Both have subsequently been charged with human trafficking related offenses and are currently in prison to awaiting their trials.

Both victims are currently receiving aftercare services and our AIM SWAT Legal Team is representing them throughout the legal process.

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