April 2015 Prayer Updates

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”   – Mark 11:24

Today, we embrace God’s promises found in Mark 11:24 and invite you to join us in prayer. We fully believe that God will reveal His answers to these requests as only He can.

Prayer requests from our team on the ground in Cambodia.

  • Don’s Recent Accident & Healing – Over the weekend Don was hit by a moto as he was driving his own moto along the road. He went to the ER but was thankfully back home later that afternoon. An MRI ordered by the doctor revealed why Don was slow to recover from his earlier knee surgery – bone chips in and around the knee. Please join us in praying for relief of pain, a quick procedure, rapid healing and safe travels back to Cambodia. 
  • Don & Bridget – Upcoming travel and speaking engagements.
  • AIM Employment Center 2 – Please pray for continued success in our Bible studies, that people might recognize and accept their need for Christ and grow in their faith.
  • AIM School – Please pray for our staff. Pray that God would protect the entire school and not allow the enemy’s lies to creep in. Pray that our staff would remain strong and our students would remain open to God’s leading.
  • Rahab’s House Church – We ask that God would provide more Bibles for the church and new worship band equipment for our worship team. We’re in prayer for a professional English and Bible teacher who can teach the disciples how to use the English Bible resources that the church has available. Additionally, we ask for prayer that leaders from the community would be raised up to lead small groups.
  • AIM Restoration Home & Transitional Home – We pray for God’s strength and guidance for the staff and their daily interactions with the girls and women. We ask that they would show God’s love and that each girl would embrace it fully, knowing that they are loved and valued.
  • Rahab’s House Siem Reap We pray that every social worker would overflow with love for the girls, that they’d have confidence in their work and that the girls would embrace the love and care being shared with them.
  • Lord’s Gym – Please join us in praying that more guys would join us in the gym this month. Pray for the upcoming fights in May and for their training. Pray that more men would step away from their contribution to the problem of sex trafficking and join us in the fight against it.

Also, join us in praying over these requests from our Quarterly Update

  • Rescue for the 50 – We ask for God’s provision so that we might save these 50 girls awaiting rescue from the dark reality in which they are trapped. 
  • Protection for the Rescue Team – We pray for continued protection and favor for the AIM Rescue Team. May the right cases be brought to them so that rescue and restoration can be brought to those in need and justice served to those exploiting these precious lives. 
  • School Van Driver – We give thanks for our new school van and ask for God’s hand in the processing of paperwork and insurance for it. We also ask that God might provide us with a driver who loves Jesus and His children and has the specific driver’s license needed to drive our van.
  • Retail Store – We seek more customers and more opportunities to expand our product line in our shop in Cambodia. We pray that more tourists would walk through our doors on a daily basis so that we can bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking & equip them with ways to fight it. 
  • AIM School Expansion – We pray for the team building our new school. We pray for safety and productivity. We pray for the children and families that will be a part of the new school as well as those that are part of the current AIM School. We ask for continued funding so that the expansion might be completed later this year.
  • AIM Employment Centers – We ask that God would open the floodgates on orders through our AIM Employment Centers. We seek orders from businesses, corporations, schools, churches and student groups around the world desiring to make a difference through the way they spend their money. May God provide so that we might employ even more women through our reintegration efforts.

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. We couldn’t do what we’ve been called to without the prayers and support of people like you.

The AIM Staff


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