CASE UPDATE: 2 Traffickers Sentenced to Jail!

When AIM SWAT rescues women and girls from traffickers, the work isn’t over. A long process follows for the AIM legal team, which pursues each and every case to ensure justice for the victims of these terrible crimes.

We received great news about one particularly hard raid from last year. Three children were rescued, each of whom had been sold 15-20 times per day by their traffickers. The two traffickers – husband and wife – have now been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment each for their crimes. In Cambodia, this is a fairly tough sentence and it signals to our team that there is less tolerance for sex trafficking, especially when children are involved.

You can read the original post from the raid on February 17, 2016 below:

At 4pm on Wednesday, the 17th of February, the Municipal Anti Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police together with AIM SWAT Team executed a raid on a brothel fronting as a Vietnamese café in the Toul Kork area of Phnom Penh. Prior undercover investigation showed that 3 minors were being held and sold for sex inside the café to between 15-20 buyers per day.

All 3 were rescued and are currently receiving aftercare with an NGO partner. Two suspected traffickers were arrested (husband and wife) and have been charged with child sex trafficking related offenses. Both are currently in prison awaiting trial. The AIM Legal Team will represent the victims throughout the legal process.

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