A Challenge from Don on his Birthday


When Don and Bridget first traveled to Cambodia in 2005, Don was 50-something years old. Today, he’s celebrating – well, we’ll just call it ANOTHER birthday and let you do the math. Don has a special challenge that he’s asking from our AIM family as we celebrate his birthday this year:

“A great gift – for me – would be to see our AIM supporters join me in celebrating another upcoming special day. February 1st is National Freedom Day. It commemorates the day that Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery in the United States.  

Join me in supporting the fight against trafficking by wearing your AIM items and posting on social media using the tag #freedomiscoming.”

You can find a lot of great gear made at the AIM Employment Centers at 3Strands Shop. 3Strands fights to eliminate global human trafficking by creating opportunities for sustainable employment for trafficking survivors and those at risk. They’ve been faithful partners of ours since our very first AIM Employment Center opened in 2013.

You’ll find a great selection of scarves, hats, shirts and accessories that all contribute to bringing an end to the evil of sex trafficking. Use referral code “AIM” at checkout and a portion of your purchase is given directly back to us.

Use referral code “AIM” at checkout & a portion of your purchase is given directly to us. 

So, join us in supporting the fight against trafficking and wear your AIM gear on National Freedom Day, February 1. Don’t forget to use #freedomiscoming and tag AIM on your preferred social media outlet. Let’s carry awareness beyond the month of January!

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DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT: Now through May 31st, your gift to fight trafficking will be matched!
GIVING TUESDAY: All gifts will be MATCHED dollar-for-dollar!