Together, we can make a difference and bring freedom to those trapped in exploitation. Your church is invited to join the movement!

defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and oppressed. rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked

Psalm 82:3-4

At AIM, we work to free the enslaved and protect the vulnerable through the rescue, healing, and empowerment of survivors. Our vision to see the love of Christ through His followers defeating the evil of sex trafficking and sexual slavery drives us to equip and mobilize the church.

Agape International Missions Programs

Your partnership means freedom is possible for more. It means kids have a safe place to go to school. It means the local church is equipped for ministry. It means women are trained vocationally. It means together we can break the chains of slavery. It means more survivors can encounter the transformational love of Christ.

Watch this video to see how Creekside Church is partnering with AIM.

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We invite you to partner with us in practical ways that engage and resource your church to break the cycle of exploitation.

Watch the AIM Video Collection to hear stories from survivors and abolitionists on the frontlines in the fight to break the cycle of exploitation. Grow your understanding of the negative effects of trafficking and the work being done to address it.

Next, download our Church Action Guide to create a plan to get your church involved in the fight to end the evil of sex trafficking. We’ve pulled together a number of quality resources to help you lead our church from awareness to action.

It all starts with prayer. Prayer is an integral part of all we do at AIM. Through prayer we’ve seen God intervene in countless ways.

Download our Prayer Guide to get you started.

Partner financially to support the on-the-ground work being done in Cambodia and Belize to break the cycle of exploitation.

Partner financially to support the on-the-ground work being done in Cambodia and Belize to break the cycle of exploitation.

Get to know the work that your church is supporting by visiting AIM’s programs on the ground. Your team will witness our projects and the lives they’re impacting first-hand in Cambodia. By visiting and encouraging our team, we pray that you feel more connected to the heart of AIM!

Our Commitment to You

We care about you

We pray for, encourage, and care for you and your church. We are in this together until all are free.

We resource the church

We’ve created a wide range of resources to engage your church in the fight to end sex trafficking.

We celebrate together

We regularly share stories of impact and life change.

Let’s Partner!

Our team will reach out to you soon. In the meantime, check out our Church Resources!