Clayton’s Birthday Challenge: Commitment to Freedom

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So much has happened in Cambodia since I arrived 10 years ago. This week as I think about celebrating my birthday, I can’t help but think about what led me here, about what celebration looks like, and about what an impact one life can make.

Ten years ago I was listening hard to God. I had been on mission trips and knew I was called to helping hurting children. The one thing I heard clearly was that if I really wanted to make lasting change, it would take sustained effort.

In other words, Kingdom impact comes through showing love over and over and over again. Compassion is nothing without commitment; we must lead lives driven by conviction, not based on emotions. 


When the team at AIM asked about celebrating my birthday, I was reminded of the importance of commitment. Celebrating ten birthdays in Cambodia will do that. So, I want to invite you to make a lasting impact, too.

Today, I challenge you to become a monthly donor. 

AIM’s monthly donors are the backbone of our programs. These are people who move from a moment of generosity to making a lasting impact, leading lives of commitment and justice.

These are people committed to freedom.

In my work here, I’m blessed to see the most amazing transformations in the lives of the girls and women we rescue… but only through a long, slow, constant process.

You’re invited to join us; commit to freedom today with a monthly donation of any amount. 

Together for Freedom.

Clayton Butler

Country Director, AIM

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