Healed Hearts!

By Lygia Gherebean

Savry and the rescued girl were two of the first girls I met when my family moved to Siem Reap last November. The girls knew that their conditions were serious. But neither had ever left the country and were nervous.

Socheatha, an AIM counselor, and I were asked to go to Bangkok with the girls. We arrived Saturday and were driven directly to the hospital for the girls to start pre-op procedures.

The doctor confirmed that both girls had a hole in their heart. Savry’s entire process would be much less complicated. Our rescued girl, on the other hand, had a large defect and needed a valve replaced.

With the surgeries scheduled in a few days, Socheatha and I decided to stay with them at the hospital. In the middle of the night I woke up from a pain in my side under my ribs. It quickly grew more painful as I became dizzy. I left the hospital room to get a nurse but collapsed before I could tell them what was happening.

They immediately put me on a bed and did an ultrasound. I had a gallstone that needed to be removed and they scheduled the surgery for the next morning! The emergency could not have happened in a better place at a better time. God is so good and His timing was perfect!

My husband, Steve, was able to fly to Thailand at the last minute and be with the girls in my place.

By the time I was released, Savry was up walking around and waiting for the doctor to ok her to leave! She flew to Cambodia the following week.
Our rescued girl had complications after her surgery and needed a follow up surgery a few weeks later. Shortly after, all tests came back normal!

We are so thankful for the miraculous way God cared for us through the skilled doctors and all of your love and support!

Lygia and her husband, Steve, are Directors of Rahab’s House Siem Reap



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