Hope is Greater

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month! Here are 3 easy things you can do TODAY to join the fight against trafficking.

#1 Discover Hope Here

Many of us know the dark reality of trafficking. It’s estimated that 50 million people are caught in modern-day slavery today1. How can we find hope in this darkness? In our work, we see hope rising every day in the powerful transformation and freedom that survivors and those protected from trafficking experience. It’s what keeps us moving day in and day out. When you realize the impact you can make in just one life, it is life-changing. So yes, the reality of trafficking is great but hope is greater. Check out these stories to see what we mean:

#2 Stay up-to-date

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#3 Give what you can

We’ll be the first to admit – we have a big goal! To end trafficking, it will take all of us coming together however we can. If that is raising your voice and sharing or giving when you can, each action matters in this fight to end trafficking!