#JulesVandaCambo Day 9

The Brick Factories | Jules

Two and a half years ago I served with AIM on a short term team. At that time I knew very little about the school and knew nothing about any outreach to the brick factories. We served alongside the staff and supported their work in whatever way we could.

Today, I am in awe of what God is doing and the breadth of AIM’s reach in the community.

For the first time I was able to meet some of the families we serve. Families who have been displaced because commerce sees their bottom line as more important than the homes families have established.

For the first time I saw the brick factories. It is indentured servitude and unfortunately is generational. We met the families who have agreed to allow their children to attend school at Rahabs House School in hopes of a better future.

The highlight of my day was meeting the staff at Rahabs House School. Two and a half years ago there were only 8 staff and now there are 28! The staff are dedicated followers of Christ, risking persecution and ridicule from family and friends. They sacrifice so kids can have a future.


Hope for Slaves | Vanda

For me, seeing the brick factories, the back breaking work the deplorable living conditions and the daily hopelessness that comes with a life of generational bondage–left me feeling extremely grateful that there is now Hope for the children.

The families that three years ago were non responsive to AIMs outreach ministries now look forward to the rice and the education and care that is provided daily for their children…in fact there is now a waiting list for the school! The classes are filled to capacity…saying praises for that!

My heart is so full of emotion and gratitude for the staff that serve this devastated community. These are individuals with a heart for serving God, teaching & loving people where they are with what they have. These amazing servants of Christ serve even though they may be criticized and persecuted by family, friends, or others in this corrupt community. In the midst of what could cause one to feel overwhelmed and lose hope in the battle…They truly bring a wellspring of joy to my heart.

With Christ on our side there is hope for a changed future! Humbled that I get to be here!

Blessings to each of you, Vanda and Jules in Cambodia