Looking Back on 2015

Looking back on 2015, how do you measure whether it was a good year or a bad year?

For Bridget and me, if we look at our health or our wealth, this would not have been our favorite year. However, we get to measure our years in rescued children and changed lives.

And friends, this has been a great year!

Our Rescue Team has pulled hundreds of women and children out of slavery.

One of these survivors is Lo-Srey. She has asked that we share her story.

Lo-Srey grew up in Cambodia and, as a teen, was convinced by a friend to move to China in order to make a better life for her family. Lo-Srey

When I arrived, there were four Chinese men who came to pick me up. They made me do housework and prepare meals, but after almost a month they forced me to marry a man. I got pregnant and he started to hurt me. He said that I was just a girl that he bought and wouldnt give me money; Id just work.

I thought about running but I couldnt; plus, I was pregnant. Then, when they hit me, I kept quiet, hoping that after I gave birth then it would be better.

I couldnt even eat, the fact that they could feed me but wouldnt I couldnt even have the water to shower. They wouldnt help me take care of the baby but would yell at me like I was an animal. Then, they kicked me out and said they didnt want to see my face. I was home alone and my mother-in-law came and took my baby away. I couldnt even hug my baby. I couldnt even touch my baby.

After two months, my husband started to hit me and I couldnt stand it anymore, so I ran. When I ran, I couldnt contact anyone. I was just hoping that I was out…”

Wiping away tears, Lo-Srey continued, I got AIM to help me. I got the number from a girl who ran away also. I was very happy, and I thought the pain was gone and Id get to see my country again.

I want to say thank you to everybody that rescued me. Without them, I would not be here in Cambodia. I want to say Thank you.’”

Lo-Srey now works at our AIM Employment Center and makes enough money to support herself and provide for her family. She is happy to be back in Cambodia and thankful that AIM answered her cry for freedom.

This would not have been possible without partners like you.

As you reflect on 2015, remember that, despite any heartbreak, disappointment or loss, your involvement in AIM has made the difference between life and death for Lo-Srey.

It isnt too late to make an end-of-year, tax-deductible gift. Your support makes it possible for hundreds of girls like Lo-Srey to have hope!

We pray that you will have hope for the year to come and many blessings as we continue to fight trafficking together.

For Freedom, 14_05_DonBridget_Breakfast-6

Don and Bridget Brewster
Co-Founders of AIM’s Fight Against Sex Trafficking


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