Making a Positive Impact on this World

Recently, we sat down with Don Girskis, a long-time friend and supporter of AIM, to listen to him share about a meaningful way he has blessed Agape International Missions (AIM). Not long ago, he let us know that he had made a legacy gift for AIM. A legacy gift — as simple as writing AIM as a beneficiary in your will — reflects how very much you value our ministry’s daily work and your desire for the relentless love of Christ to continue transforming the hearts of young survivors.

After meeting AIM’s Co-Founder, Don Brewster, during a trip to Cambodia, Don Girskis was moved by the gravity of the issue of human trafficking. He was also impressed by the work AIM was doing on the ground to fight that evil. Having traveled around the world on various occasions, Don has seen the circumstances and trouble that comes in areas with limited opportunities, such as education and healthcare. “Sex trafficking is a whole additional problem,” Don said, as he described his heart for AIM’s ministry. Since then, AIM has grown to be a very important charity to him.

Don had of four criteria that must be met before he would consider something as important as a legacy gift. 

First, and maybe most obviously, he wanted to bless an organization that would be a good steward of the funding. This means he was looking for an organization where his gift would be taken care of and used wisely. He found that to be true with AIM.

Next, in a practical way, Don was looking for an organization with a mission he could get behind AND the ability to actually make a difference. He was seeing that AIM was fighting the evil of trafficking through a holistic approach and he has seen evidence of it working!

Third, strong leadership is important. He emphasized to us, “It sets the tone for an organization and where it will go in the future.” Additionally, there is a need for a system for transitioning leadership in the future. It was important for Don to see that an organization could continue to run successfully when the original leadership steps down and new faces come up. Will the mission and original intent stay the same?

“When leaving a legacy gift, I am trusting in the organization as a whole and those who lead that organization down the line. As a supporter for many years, I have seen and am impressed by this leadership.” 

Finally, as we listened to Don, he emphasized to us that he was looking for an organization that he had a personal relationship with. When Don had spent time with AIM’s own, Don Brewster, on that trip to Cambodia, a personal relationship was formed. From that day, his trust in AIM has kept deepening over the many years he has remained a faithful supporter.

“Thousands of organizations would be worthy of a legacy gift. How do you narrow it down? That’s where my belief is, having a personal relationship with the organization is important”

Don did not make this decision lightly. His choice reflects his heart and his passion and the life he is living!

“I don’t really think about how I want to be remembered. More so, I think about what can I do to make a positive impact on this world.

Don Girskis, pictured here with wife, Cate.

How do you want to leave a legacy? How do you want to leave a positive impact on this world? A legacy gift with AIM is a great option. A growing number of our supporters are considering legacy gifts. If AIM is one of your favorite charities, your legacy gift will reflect how much you care about this cause. 

If you are thoughtfully considering a legacy gift like Don, here are some resources to help in your decision making:

This is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. We understand how useful it is to speak with our ministry about something so important. A caring, Spirit-led and servant minded staff member will always be available to you. Contact Melissa Chin for more information at (916)-784-2800.

As you pray over this decision, we would love to be praying with you. If you feel comfortable, send an email to and be encouraged that our team is praying along with you.

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