Woman Arrested for Trafficking Women to Malaysia for Slave Labor

A woman was arrested on December 5th by the Kratie and Phnom Penh Police and AIM SWAT Team under suspicion of trafficking young Cambodian women to Malaysia as domestic slaves.

Prior to the arrest, parents of one of the survivors filed a report against the work recruitment company declaring that their daughter was forced to work without pay and was being held against her will. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the recruitment company had closed, but the suspect continued to send women to Malaysia under the guise of good work, fair pay, and healthy conditions, all of which was a lie.

Once a surveillance operation was launched, it was uncovered that the suspect was actively trafficking 2 more women to Malaysia at the time of her arrest. The suspect made a partial confession to the police and remains in prison until her trial where she is being charged with human trafficking crimes. AIM is currently working with the police to rescue and repatriate one victim who is still missing in Malaysia.

Case Update:

In January of 2021, 3 offenders were sentenced to a total of 23 years in prison and ordered to pay compensation to the survivor.

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