“Massage Parlor” Raid Rescues 6

On Tuesday, October 10th, at around 8 PM, the Phnom Penh Department of Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJP) and AIM SWAT Team executed a raid at a brothel fronting as a massage parlor in Phnom Penh. The brothel was suspected of selling young girls for sex and, following a short-term surveillance operation, this information was confirmed.

During the raid, 3 suspected minors and 3 adults were rescued along with the arrest of a husband and wife pair suspected of trafficking. In interviews with the police, all 3 suspected minors shared that they were, in fact, under 18 years of age. The 6 females rescued also shared that they were being sold for sex to customers to the profit of the traffickers.

The 3 minors have now been transferred to AIM Restoration Home and the 3 adults to AIM Transitional Home for aftercare services. Both suspected traffickers were sent to court and charged with child sex trafficking related offenses.

Police helping a victim recover her property from inside the brothel

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