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Exploring the AIM’ New Website

In January 2017, AIM launched an all-new website with some pretty amazing features that will help us tell the story of what we do in a better way to more people. We thought it would be helpful to share some other highlights with you as well:

News & Updates

If you’re reading this post, you’ve already discovered one of the best new features of our website – our new updates section! This area is going to allow us to communicate much better with our donors and partners about the progress and news from our programs in Cambodia. Updates will include weekly information about our efforts to Prevent, Rescue, Restore, and Reintegrate survivors of sex trafficking, as well as breaking news like rescue updates from our AIM SWAT Team.

Easier Navigation

The new AIM site features a modern and updated navigation bar at the top that allows people to find the information they’re looking for much easier. As AIM has continued to grow over the years since our old website was launched, we added new programs to our operations in Cambodia! Instead of pasting in information wherever we could, this new website organizes all of our program information in a clean and easily navigable way.

The Issue Page

If you haven’t seen it yet, take some time to visit our all new section, The Issue. A lot of time and thought went into putting this information together to better educate our donors and the rest of the world about sex trafficking, sex trafficking in Cambodia specifically, and how the history of Cambodia contributed to the systemic problem there. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of resources that you or anyone can use to help educate others and begin fighting sex trafficking in your own community or elsewhere.

New Donation Processor

One of the pieces of our new website that we’re most excited about is our new Donations Processor. We’ve partnered with a service called Giveffect to more reliably handle all of our donations processing. This new system will also save AIM a lot of time and work hours by automating many required communications and reports. In addition, we have more flexibility and the ability to be a little more creative in the way we can raise money to help end sex trafficking in Cambodia. Some of the new capabilities will eventually include enabling YOU, our existing supporters, to start crowdfunding campaigns on our behalf, gift donations in honor of someone else, and even host events like a 5k run or dinner fundraiser to support AIM’s work. Stay tuned for more information as we launch each of those in the months to come!

We hope you enjoy the new website and benefit from the improvements that we have made. Everything we do at AIM is meant to further our cause to Prevent sex trafficking, and Rescue, Restore and Reintegrate survivors. We thank you for your partnership and support in that endeavor, and for providing the resources to make this much-needed technological improvement, too!

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