Provision + Freedom

This week is a bit of a departure from the regularly scheduled update from our Bridget in Cambodia because the Brewster’s are visiting family in New England!

So, instead of Bridget, you’ll be hearing from me at the home office in sunny, non-humid California. Here are a few key items to give God thanks and to pray for this week:

1. Provision. This time of year is usually slow for funds but God has provided for our needs through YOU! Thank you for your faithfulness and sacrifice.

2. Freedom. As an American, I have reflected in thankfulness for our freedom over the 4th of July holiday. We are incredibly thankful for our freedom in Christ who loosened us from the chains of sin and death. We are also, praising God for loosing the chains of 61 girls who were in physical and emotional bondage and are now walking fully free at Agape Restoration Center!

3. Rahab’s House Siem Reap. The Gherebean family has done a tremendous job helping start our Siem Reap ministry and the mark they left in that city is eternal. We are so thankful! As they are transitioning out, we welcome Laura Linner as the new Rahab’s House Siem Reap Director!

Laura needs our heavy prayer support right now. In addition to taking on new responsibilities, she got sick in the move. Now we find out she was robbed of her passport, paperwork and technology just yesterday. This is so obviously an attack on God’s plan for Laura to be bold and courageous, full of love and selflessness. PLEASE PRAY for Laura! Here is her adorable picture.

4. Agape Training Center and 3Strands. I wonder if you are confused about all that’s going on with our ATC garment production, the 3Strands brand and Apricot Lane. I know it’s a whole lot of terminology thrown into the mix of our already huge bag of programs but I REALLY WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND IT!  IT’S HUGE! Bigger than… uh… I can’t think of anything other than food analogies like chocolate marrying peanut butter, which are trite in comparison. Yes, I’m hungry.

Here’s the simple breakdown.

  1. A Karaoke Girl actually works in an underground brothel. She is not held in a pen but is held in emotional, cultural and occupational chains. With no other options for work and constant control from the owners/pimps, she lives in hopeless sexual servitude.
  2. A Rahab’s House Community Center is built next door to the Karaoke Club. We set up a beauty salon. We build relationships and care for the young women coming over from the Karaoke Club. She meets Jesus, knows love, sees her worth and, suddenly, has hope.
  3. She has a way out! The Agape Training Center offers her a job in garment production. She gets on the job training, is paid better than she could be at the Karaoke club or at any other factory in a beautiful environment with the highest standards for employee care in the country. Most importantly, she gets ongoing counseling and rehabilitation alongside other rescued young women.
  4. 3Strands is a new brand of accessories made by the young women of the Agape Training Center! They will be sold at Apricot Lane boutiques throughout the US. Their first order is being completed RIGHT NOW! Here’s a sneak peak at these beautiful items made by our beautiful ladies…

IMAGINE the provision and freedom that we are so thankful for, readily available to so many young women trapped and hopeless in the brothels of Cambodia if our Rahab’s House + Agape Training Center model could be replicated all over the country!!!

Much love and appreciation for you!


(loving my 3Strands prototype)