Update from Bridget

Dear Friends,

Don and I have had some good trips to the Philippines, were at Adventure Christian Church in Rocklin, CA, to celebrate their 20 Year Anniversary, were at Bayside for the Thrive Conference, in Hong Kong for a Justice Conference and met with several business people and church leaders there.

We’ve had good orders coming in to our AIM Employment Centers (AEC) which is a huge blessing to our rescued young women.

Speaking of blessings, a new healthy baby boy was born to a girl who recently left the brothel to live at our Transitional Home in Svay Pak and works at AIM Employment Center. She is a very strong, brave girl who loves her healthy baby. It’s sweet to see her mom come to help her everyday.

Several weddings were celebrated while we were out of Cambodia. One was Sopheak who manages The Lord’s Gym! Another couple that married was a young woman who works at our Employment Center to one of our young disciples! Keng, a teacher at Rahab’s School also got married.

We currently have two short-term teams serving in Svay Pak. A William Jessup University team has been cleaning, sanding and painting the retail store and refurnishing the work stations at AEC. NCU is doing humanitarian aid, devotions/discipleship and Kids’ club. We are blessed indeed.

Please pray diligently for ongoing protection, provision and wisdom. There are a lot of people, particularly children, who have coughs fevers and the flu. We are believing for full funding for our Rahab’s School expansion in Svay Pak.

The five girls we have living in the US will be attending a Christian University! We need funds for two of their tuitions very soon. They are both very dedicated servants for Christ and  very hard studying students.  We pray God will grant this desire of their hearts.

In all things we give thanks and glory to God for each of you. We are grateful.

Bridget Brewster

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