Princess Ceremony Shows Love and Value to Survivors

“When I came here, everyone welcomed me and loved me. When I came here, I felt like a princess.”

– Survivor of exploitation

When a girl is rescued from sex trafficking and moves in to our Restoration Home, we give her a Princess Ceremony. During this ceremony, all the girls in our Restoration Home encourage their new friend and we share that she is a Princess. She is the daughter of God our Father and King, and no man, trafficker, or family member can take that away from her.

We share that God loves and values her and so do we. During her Princess Ceremony, we provide her with a tiara, a self portrait, new clothes, shoes, a stuffed animal, personal hygiene products, and more.

This is the beginning of a new life of freedom for this girl who was once sold for sex. It is also the beginning of a lasting relationship with AIM.

After a woman graduates from our Restoration Home, we work to find her safe and sustainable employment through our Employment Center or with one of our partners. Plus, our social workers follow up with survivors for the rest of their lives.

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