Lord’s Gym

Pimps & Traffickers. These people perpetrate and perpetuate the industry of child sex trafficking, taking advantage of the vulnerable and profiting off of the innocent. Whether because of poverty, greed, pain or perversion, these people are the start of the vicious cycle. Prevention is crucial in defeating child sex trafficking.

In Svay Pak, Cambodia, The Lord’s Gym is a free workout center where our staff develop relationships with, and mentor, men and boys in the community. Many of these boys are on the road to becoming pimps or traffickers, while others may have dabbled in it along the way. Through relationship and the sharing of true salvation in Jesus Christ, we’re able to offer an alternative, whether that’s away from drugs, alcohol or sex trafficking or an opportunity toward a career as a boxer. Through these relationships, we build trust, integrity, and a healthier community.

Sokunthy was notorious for trafficking young girls. Every day, he attended The Lord’s Gym where he was prayed for by the staff, heard the truth about the evil he was perpetuating within the community, and was invited to church. One day, AIM was called to help two very young girls who had been raped by their brother. It was Sokunthy. When he didn’t come to the gym the following day, AIM’s pastor went and told him, “You know we hate what you did. But the truth is, the gym is the Lord’s gym. And no matter what you’ve done He’ll forgive you. We want you to come back.” He came back the next day, agreeing to go to church. Once there, he stood up and said, “I know what I was doing was wrong, and I am never going to do it again.” AIM discipled him and helped him get a new job. There, he makes a clean $50 a month compared to the thousands he would make in trafficking. Through the power of prayer and the working of God’s Holy Spirit, he has not hurt another child and is completely transformed.