Covert Surveillance Leads to Rescue of 5 Minor Girls

AIM SWAT and local authorities rescued 5 minor girls as they were in the process of being trafficked!

At 10 am on August 3rd, officers of the Pailin Province Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police and AIM SWAT detained an adult male on suspicion of trafficking the 5 minor girls for sex. This arrest was in response to a covert surveillance operation initiated when police received information that the suspect was actively involved in trafficking minors in the region.

Upon being interviewed, the suspect made a partial admission of guilt. He was charged with offenses related to child sex trafficking and transferred to prison where he will await trail.

minor girls rescued

All 5 girls were rescued during the operation. During interviews the survivors told authorities that the suspect was arranging for them to be sold for sex. The profits from these children being sold would have directly benefited the suspect. The survivors were transferred to AIM’s Restoration Center for aftercare services. They will be provided with safety and care. They will all be represented by AIM’s legal team throughout the upcoming court proceedings.

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Thanks to our incredible partners at Operation Underground Railroad, Life Outreach International, and modern-day abolitionists like YOU, we get to rescue these children from the unimaginable. Together we fight against the world’s greatest evil, doing whatever it takes to defeat it.

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