Massage Parlor Brothel CLOSED; 4 Rescued & 1 Arrested

Earlier this month, officers from the Siem Reap Police and AIM SWAT raided a brothel on May 12th that was fronting as a massage parlor in Siem Reap. There were 4 victims rescued, including 2 minors, and a suspect arrested.

The raid followed a covert surveillance operation after we received information that minors were being sold for sex at the location which was subsequently shut down afterward. 

After his arrest, the subject was charged with sex trafficking-related offenses and will await trial from prison. Meanwhile, the minors that were rescued are now receiving aftercare services at the AIM Restoration Home and the adult victims have been transferred to the Siem Reap District Social Affairs Office. Our SWAT legal team will represent all victims in the coming court proceedings.

Thank you to all of our partners and donors who make these rescues possible! With certain lockdown restrictions beginning to lift both locally and globally, our SWAT Team is staying vigilant in monitoring karaoke bars (KTVs), beer gardens, massage parlors and other establishments known to be conducting trafficking. 

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