Spring SWAT Update

Since about mid-March, Cambodia has been on a relatively strict lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19. While resources are spread thin, many police efforts have been shifted to lockdown-related duties. However, despite these difficulties, AIM’s SWAT team is working to fight exploitation and assist the police in the investigation and arrest of predators.

During this lockdown, AIM SWAT was asked to assist in the investigation and arrest of an adult male who was sexually abusing 3 young boys. The boys were befriended by the man who offered them money and use of his cell phone to gain their trust. The suspect admitted to the crime and will stay behind bars while he waits for his trial. AIM’s aftercare team will be available to assist the boys through their healing process. Case Update: As of September 2021, the suspect in this case has been found guilty for his crimes against 2 of the young boys so far. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and ordered to pay restitution to the survivors. The trial for the crimes against the third boy is still in process.

AIM SWAT was also contacted to help investigate 4 additional sexual assault cases in the past few months. ALL FOUR PERPETRATORS were arrested as a result of these investigations! They will await trial from prison. Additionally, the 4 survivors – including 3 minor girls – are now safe from harm. Praise God for His faithfulness and heart for justice! Please join us in prayer over the survivors and their healing.

We are so thankful for these victories and to our supporters, who make this work possible. As COVID-related restrictions lift, our team in Cambodia is eager to continue in their work to fight trafficking and all forms of exploitation. For now, they will continue to assist in all ways possible, bringing freedom to those trapped in slavery and justice to the perpetrators. We continue to pray over Cambodia as they fight the COVID-19 spikes throughout the country and for those in need of rescue to be safe. And we pray over all those we will help rescue, protect, and empower this year thanks to people like you!

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