Svay Pak Fire Update


Svay Pak Fire

One month after the Svay Pak Fire that took 13 homes, AIM provides an update on the many immediate needs we’ve been able to meet.

To those who have given to the Svay Pak Fire Relief, we say THANK YOU! Your donations are making a huge difference. In addition to taking 13 homes, several injuries also occurred as a result of the fire, some more severe than others. But thanks to your support, AIM has been able to provide each family with blankets, mosquito nets, school supplies, water, noodles, and 50kg of rice, among other items.

We’ve also provided extensive medical attention to one of the burn victims of the fire. Much healing has taken place (truly, only by the grace of God!) but there is much left to occur, both emotionally and physically.

Please continue to join us in praying for this young woman, for her family and for all those affected by the fire.

ReceivingWe are still accepting donations through designated giving on our giving page. Simply select: SVAY PAK FIRE RELIEF if you would like to help.

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