The War Room: Prayer Points

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

Good News!

We serve a mighty God, we praise Him for using us!

-God continues to do miraculous things through His people at ARC, Rahab’s House in Svay Pak and Siem Reap, throughout the churches in Cambodia and VietNam. He is working in amazing ways through our home office in Roseville to bring hope to trafficked girls in the USA. They are working on a plan with other organizations to use what has been working in Cambodia to the Sacramento area.
-Our staff was protected with safety and blessed by time with their families for Khmer New Year.
-Bethel Church from WA will be working in Svay Pak next week. They will arrive Tuesday.
-Ken Peterson & his team from Apricot Lane ( a boutique chain of ladies clothing)  are coming over next week as well  to work on the details for the AIM Training center in Svay Pak.
-Our own Jamie Ballard will be leaving AIM at the end of the month to marry the love of her life and move to NV. We will miss her, we are not praising she is leaving but excited God has provided a great husband  for her, a great wife for him, and to see how God will use her in her new home. We welcome Renee Love on staff. We worked together at Adventure Christian Church in different compassion projects we did there. She was a volunteer for Don’s work there, at AIM and now she’s on staff in Roseville.
-For our staff, volunteers, supporters, prayer partners, family and friends.

Prayer Requests

-For our staff to keep fighting the good fight in faith, for perseverance, strength, patience and wisdom.
-For the different campaigns the USA staff is working on to raise awareness and funds.
-The Pink Room will be showing in Sacramento, LA, South Dakota, and other festivals throughout the year, that more people will become aware and realize they can make a difference. View HERE!
-For wisdom and provision to keep the different areas of the ministry growing in God’s will and purpose.
-For  funds for printed materials to reach the people in the provinces, and help those new in Christ to grow in knowledge of the truth.We in the States take for granted all the materials so readily available to us, the many free Bibles given out in churches every weekend.
-For the families of reintegrated girls to encourage them in their dreams they have chosen for their lives and to stop wanting them to seek sex work for survival. Our social workers work tirelessly to change their hearts. Please pray for God’s intervention. Please pray for the girls to remain strong in their faith, trust Jesus and not give in to their parents’ demands to sell themselves.
-For all the organizations working for the rights and justice for all children and adults throughout the world, for us to leave our egos and pride at the Lord’s feet and work together. We do work with many organizations in this spirit and pray God protects that.
-For a few confidential requests. For family and friends battling disease and financial hard times.


Feel free to leave encouragements for Don, Bridget, Clayton, AIM US Staff, AIM Cambodian Staff, and our treasured girls!