Trafficking Network Exposed; 12 Rescued & 5 Arrested

On Thursday March 5th, Phnom Penh police officers supported by AIM SWAT conducted a raid on a large Vietnamese massage parlor named “King Sora” operating as a brothel in central Phnom Penh. The raid was the culmination of a 3 month long covert operation that began after we receieved information that women were being trafficked from Vietnam to work there.

During our investigation, we discovered that the traffickers were part of a larger established network based in Vietnam and sending women to China, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines; this was their first operation in Cambodia.

We were able to rescue 12 women who were being sold to customers for sexual services. 5 traffickers were arrested on site and King Sora was officially closed by local authorities. All 5 suspects have been charged with human trafficking-related offences and will await trial from prison.

All 12 women have been transferred to the AIM Restoration Home while the Vietnamese Embassy works to repatriate them back to their homes. Our legal team will represent these brave women throughout the forthcoming legal process.

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