A Victory for 13 Survivors – 6 Minors and 7 Women RESCUED

In mid February, AIM SWAT and Siem Reap Police raided a local karaoke bar (otherwise known as a KTV) which resulted in 13 survivors rescued and 2 traffickers arrested!

The brothel was posing as a KTV while the managers were selling minor girls and women for sex to its customers. Upon learning this, officers conducted a quick investigation which lead to a raid of the facility on February 15th.

During this, 6 minor girls and 7 women were rescued by SWAT, all of whom have now been transferred to AIM Restoration and Transitional Homes for aftercare.

The 2 managers were arrested and the KTV/brothel was officially closed by police and local authorities. Both suspects have since been charged with child sex trafficking-related offenses and will remain in prison to await trial where all victims will receive representation by the AIM Legal Team.

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