AIM Announces Change in Leadership

February 8th, 2021 – Agape International Missions (AIM) is excited to announce a change in their executive structure. Don and Bridget Brewster, Co-Founders of AIM and the organization’s CEOs for the past 15 years, will now concentrate solely on their roles as Co-Founders. They will be stepping back from the CEO duties to focus on the following: 

Don and Bridget Brewster, Co-Founders of AIM
  • Creating global awareness around the issue of human trafficking and becoming trusted voices in the field
  • Finishing projects and publications that have been ongoing and paused over the years
  • Being the central voice and storytellers of AIM
  • Nurturing and collaborating church, corporate, and donor relationships
  • Ensuring the mission of AIM continues as set forth by them as founders, our board, and the call of Christ on this ministry
Lisa Varga, CEO of AIM

With this shift, AIM is proud to announce that Lisa Varga will be stepping into the CEO role. For the past two years, Lisa has served AIM as President and prior to this had dedicated herself to helping AIM in numerous ways since 2017. In her new role as CEO, she will oversee operations of the ministry and prepare AIM for continued growth of its mission as well as launching in other countries like Belize. As President she has taken steps in helping restructure AIM and aligning programs on the ground and the team throughout AIM in preparation for this growth and future sustainability.  In addition to 25 years of invaluable experience leading and cultivating the growth of companies serving the retail and energy industry, Lisa brings her dedication to the “one” and a passion for women and children to her role at AIM.

Upon the announcement, AIM’s Board Chairman Ken Petersen shared, “Lisa has a heart for AIM’s mission, she has a heart for developing people to realize their potentials while ensuring that God is honored in all that we do.”

Don and Bridget Brewster with AIM Cambodia Staff in Phnom Penh

“Bridget and I have a combination of both excitement and confidence, both professionally and personally… In Lisa we have confidence… It is clear to us that God has called Lisa to AIM,” Don Brewster said with assurance.  

Founded in 2005, AIM is a non-profit organization dedicated to anti-trafficking work through their programs in Cambodia and, per recent developments, Belize. They follow a holistic model to combat human trafficking, especially child sex trafficking, on all fronts through rescue, restoration, reintegration, and prevention initiatives.

The leadership of AIM has moved forward with this structural change after dedicated, prayerful thought. We fully trust that God has been with AIM from its conception and will continue to guide the organization through this leadership. We are grateful to Don and Bridget for the time, energy, prayer, wisdom, and much more they have invested and will continue to pour into this ministry. We are excited to see what God has in store for AIM and our leaders in this new structure.

“We’re excited about how God knitted this union in its perfect time and aligned our hearts and mind together. I’m honored to be the successor of Don and Bridget and will do my best to love and protect and celebrate what has been built. And I will also bring to AIM the gifts that God has given me to help AIM grow and flourish.”

– Lisa Varga

Read more about AIM’s Leadership and Board here.

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