More Miracles: Our Prayers in Action

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In the last 15 years since founding AIM, we have seen God perform miracle after miracle through prayer and girls experiencing His love. In one story that comes to mind, the love of Christ nurtured a girl back to humanity from being so drugged and abused that she could barely function. 

Arunny* came to our Restoration home as a teenager with her 2 kids. Her posture was hunched over, her mouth slack, and her eyes dull and vacant. Her hair was dirty, her clothes thin and ripped. She was raped over and over, abused, mocked, and uncared for. She was so physically and mentally damaged by the drugs and trauma that plagued her recent past, she couldn’t perform basic human capabilities.

I remember praying for Arunny and that God would show her His love and truly transform her after a life of abuse. In this case, God answered this prayer through the relentless love from our staff. 

One housemom was assigned to her during the day shift, one at night. She was lovingly bathed, dressed in clean fresh clothes, fed, cleaned again when she lost control of her body functions, loved on, spoken to softly with the love of Jesus, His words, His compassion. She is His daughter. 

In time, Arunny learned to wash her own face and brush her teeth. Soon, she could shower and feed herself. She started speaking a few words and would run up to hug staff, laughing and smiling, pure joy radiating out of her. She was finally taking care of herself as she received love and experienced love. But we never stopped praying over her.

With assistance from our staff, Arunny started working at a small shelter for adults with emotional disabilities. She made bracelets and began earning her own income!

She stood a bit straighter and wanted to be sure her hair was well kept. Though she still couldn’t speak much, she had purpose again.

In time, the shelter closed and she began working for AIM. Under the supervision of a house mom, she rocked hammocks for sleeping babies in our daycare center for other AIM employees. She loved watching those babies sleep! After earning a month’s salary, Arunny generously shared it with her family in Svay Pak to help take care of them.

Arunny has a heart of innocence. She loves Jesus and has forgiven her family for what they allowed to happen to her. She is loved and has purpose.

It’s stories like Arunny’s that prove true healing like this can only come from prayer and people praying in confident expectations

Bridget Brewster, Co-Founder of AIM

*Arunny is a pseudonym

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

Colossians 4:2

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