Covert Operation Results in 7 Rescued from Karaoke Business

On April 2nd, AIM SWAT and Kandal Police raided a karaoke business (KTV) near the Vietnam border in Kandal province and rescued 3 minors and 4 adults. This was a result of a covert operation that had confirmed minors were being sold for sex to customers in the rooms at the KTV.

During the raid, 1 suspect was arrested and charged with child sex trafficking-related offenses after making partial admissions and has been detained in prison until his trial. The KTV has been officially closed following the search and seizure of evidence by local authorities.

The 3 minor victims have been transferred to a partner aftercare facility and will be represented by AIM’s legal team throughout the coming court proceedings. The 4 women accepted the opportunity to move into our Transitional Home and have the option to receive free legal counsel if they wish.

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