AIM is Expanding!

It’s official: We’re opening two new restoration homes for survivors of sex trafficking to find healing! And AIM SWAT is on the move in the rural villages of Cambodia.

AIM Family,

I remember the first time I stepped foot into Svay Pak, and I didn’t feel a sense of hope or momentum. It was shocking to see how much trafficking had affected that community. I saw girls being openly trafficked, and there really wasn’t a good sense of hope that we could make a big difference.

But we continued to take steps of faith and to believe that God could do a miracle. Today, I can stand here and say God did a miracle in that community. Instead of brothels, there is now a thriving church. Instead of kids being exploited, there is a school that is serving kids and raising up a whole new generation for a positive future.

We have employment centers employing survivors of trafficking and giving them a great future. It’s exciting to see where we started, feeling like there was no momentum or hope for this issue. Now at AIM, we feel the wind at our back, and we are expanding outwards.

Our SWAT team is expanding our reach so that we can actually affect change in rural areas. We’ve been able to shut down brothels and rescue girls in major cities and metropolitan areas, but we’re wanting to expand further into areas that have yet been untouched and unserved.

One of those areas is rural communities and remote villages. We’re expanding our capacity so that we can rescue girls there as well. We’re also expanding our restoration capacity. Our greatest challenge at AIM was seeing too many girls rescued and not even knowing where to put them, but God has provided an answer for that.

We just signed a lease for our second restoration home so that we can care for all the girls that God is rescuing. Not only are we expanding in Cambodia, but we purchased a restoration home in Belize. This will be the country’s first restoration home for girls under the age of 18.

We’ve seen amazing transformation in the community of Svay Pak, one of the toughest red-light districts in the world. Now, we’re looking outwards saying, “God, we want to continue to serve this community, but what other communities in Cambodia are you calling us to?”

We’ve spent the last six months looking into various areas where trafficking is a significant problem and asking God where He is calling us. We’ve started to feel like we’re triangulating on one community, but we can’t do this without you.

There are girls to be rescued and communities to be transformed. We invite you to pray with us, serve with us, and help fund this work. If the Holy Spirit is working on your heart, please join us in this work as we feel like God is calling us forward into more impact.

Clayton Butler
CEO of Agape International Missions

Watch the videos below to learn about each of these projects and how YOU can get involved…

Check out ARH II in Cambodia, a new aftercare center for sex trafficking survivors

Monea and Leakena, our co-directors of Restoration, join us from the site that will become AIM Restoration Home II to share what they are hoping for and what we can be praying for as this project gains momentum.

Watch a virtual tour of ARH Belize, the first aftercare center in the country for sex trafficking survivors under 18

We have seen hearts transformed at AIM Restoration Home in Cambodia. Now, we’re making freedom and healing possible in Belize. Watch this video to see new footage of ARH Belize, the first aftercare facility in the country for survivors of sex trafficking under 18.

AIM SWAT is investigating rural communities, to help sex trafficking survivors and prevent this issue upstream

AIM SWAT has worked diligently alongside the Cambodian police to investigate brothels, arrest traffickers, and rescue survivors. We’re expanding our fine-tuned model to work in the rural parts of Cambodia, stopping the offenders in source communities.

We have seen hearts healed and lives transformed in the fight against sex trafficking.
Click here to learn more about our holistic approach to this issue!