ARC Baptisms – June 25, 2011

On June 25th, 17 girls at Agape Restoration Center chose to publically declare their faith in Jesus through baptist.

This was a time of great joy and celebration. Of course this celebration and joy is connected to the spiritual truth of eternal life with Jesus and a transformed life on earth as they follow Him. But there is another joy connected to this day, it is evidence of another truth that is central to the emotional healing of these girls.

You see, girls who have been commercially, sexually exploited and abused in Cambodia believe they are worthless, trash, or even worse. This belief is confirmed by the culture in which they live. As a result, they live a life of shame and hopelessness. Today they demonstrated that they no longer consider themselves worthless, but recognize they are so valued and loved by their heavenly Father that He would send His only Son to die on the cross for them. They know that no matter what was done to them, or what they might have done, nothing can change this truth. Now they have hope.

Knowing the hope of Christ has been made possible for the girls because of AIM’s partners like you: partners in prayer, service and financial support. We pray this celebration will bring you encouragement knowing your investment is returning great dividends. We ask for your continued partnership, so more girls will have the opportunity to know true hope in Jesus Christ.