A Girl’s Story – Vy

Vy’s father died when she was 2 months old, and her mother gave her to her grandparents. Her grandfather was always drunk and beat Vy and her grandmother all the time. At the age of 13, Vy ran away from this abuse and went to live with her aunt. Her grandmother soon followed  and came to live with her aunt, too. It wasn’t long until her aunt sold her to a brothel where she suffered terribly for 8 years.

At the age of 21, she was rescued by IJM and brought to ARC. Vy had never had the opportunity to attend school, and she worked very hard to become functionally literate. She learned enough to enter our vocational training program at Bloom Café. The academics and technical terminology were a challenge for her, but she persevered and worked very hard to complete the course.

During the training, Vy developed a tremendous gift for designing beautiful flowers and figurines for cake decorations. She excelled so much that after graduation, she was made the supervisor of decoration design. Along the way, God sent her a special gift…a wonderful Christian man. On June 4th, Pastor Chantha of Rahab’s House performed the wedding ceremony for Vy her husband. 

Vy’s future is full of hope because of Christ’s love in action. Thank you for making this possible for Vy and many other girls.


*A fictious name has been used for her protection