Future Restored: Higher Education for a Higher Cause

Restoration is a beautiful thing to behold. The transformation of a girl who has endured unimaginable trauma into an empowered woman brings much needed hope to the darkness that lingers in places like Svay Pak. It means that EVIL won’t win but instead, LIGHT and FREEDOM can – and will – overcome.

We are thrilled to see one of our own girls using her new life of freedom and healing to make a difference in the world around her. She was raped before coming to AIM’s Restoration Home, where she lived for over 2 years receiving care, counseling, and unconditional love from our staff. She recently graduated from our program and is now attending college to follow her dream of becoming a social worker!

Our hearts are full seeing this amazing young woman not only move forward from the horror she faced years ago, but her fierce determination to help rescue, protect, and heal others who have suffered as she has.

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