AIM SWAT Helps Capture Russian Pedophile in Hiding

On Friday, October 18th, AIM SWAT supported officers of the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap police in the arrest of a Russian man for sexually abusing several young boys in the Siem Reap province.

The investigation began in early August after one of the victims’ parents discovered what had happened to their son and reported the matter to police. Our SWAT Team was then brought in for assistance on the case and the suspect was identified. 

Russian pedophile resisting arrest

By this time, the suspect had gotten into a physical altercation with former business partners of his and fled Siem Reap to go into hiding. Several strategies were employed to locate and track the suspect who kept moving around Cambodia and into neighboring countries.

Finally, information was received suggesting that the suspect had rented an apartment in Phnom Penh and, following a covert surveillance operation, the suspect was arrested while leaving the building. 

He has now been charged with child sex trafficking-related offenses and will remain in prison until trial. The 3 young victims are all safe and receiving aftercare at partner shelter, and our Legal Team will represent them in upcoming proceedings.

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