Justice Found for Woman Trafficked to Saudi Arabia

In 2017, a Cambodian woman was tricked into traveling to Saudi Arabia with the promise of a well-paying job. However, upon arrival she was forced into working for a family in 4 different homes for 21 hours straight each day, being paid little salary or food and suffering regular physical abuse. After 6 long months, she was then sold to another family and received similar treatment before she was able to escape and run away.

The woman ran to a random house nearby to ask for help which, by the grace of God, was owned by a police officer who helped her get to the Thai Embassy. She stayed there another 6 months before being repatriated back to Cambodia.

Suspected trafficker

Once she returned home, the woman filed an official complaint with the T’Bong Khmom police who then contacted our SWAT team to assist with the investigation in order to find her trafficker.

On the 10th of October, officers were successful in locating the suspected man responsible for this and arrested him. He has since been charged with human trafficking-related offenses and awaits trial from prison.

The woman is now living safely at home. Our Legal Team will represent the victim free of charge throughout the upcoming court proceedings and our Prevention Staff is assisting her in finding safe and sustainable employment.

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