AIM Restoration Home’s New Play Room

At the AIM Restoration Home, survivors rescued from sex trafficking have a safe, loving home for as long as they need where they begin to heal from their trauma and are taught their value as a daughter of God. This includes psychosocial and spiritual counseling, education, and vocational training while their physical needs are cared for as we help prepare them to reintegrate back into society.

Some girls come to us from unspeakable trauma at very young age or have children of their own as a result of abuse. So when we added more offices on the 3rd floor of the center, we decided to open a new playroom that gives the girls daily activity and craft time with things like coloring, T.V. time, toys, puzzles, barbies, books, and more.

The playroom was designed as a place where they can unwind and release the stress they feel and serves as a healthy distraction for our girls as they process through their trauma. It also encourages healing through play and the chance to have fun and just be a kid. Often times when our staff play with girls in this space, they begin to trust us more as we build relationships together and will also feel safe to open up about their feelings.

Recently, a volunteer team came to help make this play room a magical and warm place for our girls. They made a chalkboard wall for the girls to draw on, applied butterfly appliques (butterflies are a big favorite here as they are a beautiful picture of God’s restorative process), and painted the playroom pink.

You may remember that years ago, our team converted an old brothel into our former Emergency Family Care center and kept room #9 to remind us of the transformation that happens once girls are rescued. One of the team members from this last volunteer trip made a unique observation about the contrast between the brothel room to the pink playroom at our Restoration Home, and how powerful and beautiful it is to see this as evidence of total restoration for survivors.

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